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What Is Foreclosure and What Can You Do To Stop It?

A licensed attorney will make all the difference between you automatically losing your home or saving you home. The courts don’t care and the banks are not your friend. If you want to win the answer is simple, our attorney’s know the system and fight for you.

Our Services

Our attorneys defend your home, fight the banks and go to court if needed. Our goal is to stop your foreclosure now.

Avoid Foreclosure

Get help before the you are foreclosed on, sued or a sale date gets scheduled. if you’re struggling to make payments or late already we can help before your lender starts racking up legal fees, or worse sues you. it is not too late.

Stop Foreclose

Time is of the essence to save your home. If you have been served notice of intent to foreclose, been sued, need to answer a complaint, have a default judgment you need to act now. Don’t waste time or money on internet “attorneys” , paralegals, fraud schemes or expert reports.

Wrongful Foreclosed

If the court issued judgment against you, ordered a sale or in some cases if your home was sold, you may be a victim of wrongful foreclosure. The banks cheat, the courts aren’t your friend and won’t protect you. If you were denied rights or lied to there may be a chance to stop the sale or eviction. But time is short and you must act. Now.

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What Is Wrongful Foreclosure?

A Wrongful Foreclosure is a legal proceeding instituted by the bank to terminate a mortgagor’s (borrower’s) interest in a real property that is based on unfairness or unlawfulness.

In a 2012 historic lawsuit, 49 State Attorneys General sued and won against the largest lenders such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, and Chase. This case spotlighted the bank’s fraudulent foreclosure processes which continue today. Wrongful Foreclosures include Lack of Standing, Defective Notice, Misapplied Funds to common case types.

Hire An Attorney To Represent You

Why should you only hire a licensed attorney? Attorneys know the laws Did you know there are both federal and state laws that protect homeowners? Do you know your legal rights or case law? Can you write a legal answer, challenge, claim, counter claim or appeal? Have you ever negotiated a contract before or are you really prepared to go into a courtroom with a judge? These are just some of the reasons an attorney is your best hope for keeping your home. Don’t be fooled by all the scams out there, protect your home, your family and your hard earned money.

A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.

 – Henry Ward Beecher

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It's Not To Late to Avoid Foreclosure

Once you’re in default of your mortgage payment the mortgage foreclosure process starts. You can deal with your bank alone logging every conversation, tracking faxes and records, preparing legal documents …or you can get help from licensed attorneys experienced with banks tactics, the process, and the laws. Attorneys settle foreclosures in many ways ranging from workout negotiations to filing a suit against your bank. Your bank doesn’t want to own your home or to spend money on attorneys, but they know the tricks to get more of your money.

Finding The Right Foreclosure Attorney For You

Finding the right foreclosure attorney to represent you can be a difficult and exhausting endeavor by yourself. Our professional staff can help you navigate the complexities to finding a foreclosure attorney in your area.